Agriculture Solar Tubewell

Get Uninterrupted Water Supply for your Agriculture Land

Agriculture is central to the economy of Pakistan. However, the unavailability of electricity, load shedding, and decreasing supply of diesel and petrol can make water irrigation a hassle. But today, these problems can be overcome with a solar tubewell. A solar water pump system and tubewell can keep the water running by using the power of the sun.

Benefits of Solar Tubewell

The Best Solar Products In One Place

In Pakistan, water is often in scarcity, making it difficult for the farmers to keep their lands well-irrigated. Petrol and Diesel often comes at a very high cost while those who invest in solar systems usually don’t get a good warranty. This is why Gream Energy helps farmers provide solar systems on 3 – 5 year installments with 25 years of warranty, ensuring they can keep their lands well-irrigated without any problem.

Easy Installments Available

If you are worried about your budget and not sure if you can buy a solar tubewell in Pakistan, Gream Energy can help. We have partnered with the leading banks in Pakistan to provide solar financing plans. Now you can get your very own solar system by paying only 20% upfront. The rest of the 80% can be paid in installments within 3 – 5 years.

Our solar systems also come with a warranty of more than 25 years, making our products the right investment for your business.

The Best Solar Tubewell in Pakistan

Gream Energy can be your trusted solar partner

Whether you are tired of electricity load shedding or the increasing price of diesel and petrol, solar energy is the alternative you need. Gream Energy can help you find the best solar tubewell in Pakistan, so you keep your field well-irrigated without depending upon traditional modes of electricity.

Get Technical Support
Unable to understand how a solar panel can benefit your business? Gream Energy’s expert team can help you find the best solar system for your business and install it without any inconvenience.
Stop worrying about your budget
Now you can install a solar system at easy installments. With a 6% fixed markup and up to 5 years installment period, you can get your own solar panel without going overboard with your budget.
25-Year Warranty Available
Gream Energy offers the most durable and cost-effective solar system in Pakistan. Our solutions last for long, helping companies and households build a secure future.
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