Energy Storage Solutions

Save Excess Renewable Energy for later use

If your solar system is producing more energy than you can use, then you need Battery Energy Storage Solutions to save excess energy for later use.

Energy Storage to meet your demand next day

Electricity generated from renewable sources varies from time to time because of weather conditions. Some days you will find your solar panel producing more energy than what you can use. This is where a energy storage solution comes in handy. With an energy storage solution, you can save surplus renewable energy and use it at a later time.

You can also feed the extra energy into the national grid and gain credit through net metering. In this way, you can prevent energy from being wasted and make the most out of your solar system.

The First Of Its Kind in Pakistan

Gream Energy provides wide-ranging solar energy storage solutions for utility, industries, commercials, consumers, companies, and farms. We have partnered with leading, reliable and Tier-1 solar manufacturing companies in the region by which we safeguard renewable energy in Pakistan.

The most trusted Solar Energy Company in Pakistan

Peak Shaving

Lower your energy price by charging the price at a reduced price, decreasing your usage on peak days, and utilizing the electricity price difference.


Store your solar energy for backup protection with solar lithium batteries, so you continue to get an uninterrupted power supply even when the grid is off.

Micro Grid

Harness the solar energy in Pakistan and produce energy from your home, rural community, shop, or school through automatic DG connection.

Large Scale off-grid

Produce electricity for remote islands or villages, which don’t have access to the national grid, and make solar energy storage systems the main source of power.

Grid Support

Modulate the output of your plant, match your supply with demand, and regulate frequency through grid support.

Renewable Energy Firming

Reduce energy wastage and avoid grid inrush by storing excess solar energy in the battery and maximizing the operation of your system.

Solar Energy in Pakistan, now a solution for all!

Whether you are tired of load-shedding or the rising electricity bill every month, a solar system is an answer to all your problems. And with an energy storage solution, you can store excess solar energy produced by your system and use it on days when you need them the most. With Gream Energy, you can make the most out of renewable energy in Pakistan and profit from your solar plant.

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