Net Metering

Net Metering

Net Metering is an electricity policy in Pakistan that offers credit to the consumers who add electricity to the national grid through Solar Power. In other words, if you have a solar system installed in your home and you produce more energy than you can use, you can get your house net-metered and provide excess energy to the national grid. In this way, your digital meter will run in reverse to give you extra credit, bringing your electricity bill to zero or even a negative value!

According to net metering regulations issued by NEPRA, any customer can avail this facility, starting from 3kW of power up to 1MW. Solar net metering, in particular, provides substantial advantages to the consumers in terms of power generation and investment.

Gream Energy is determined to help you at every step of the net metering process. The process involves the installation of a net-metered compliant solar power plant, followed by an application submitted to your respective DISCO company. The DISCO company then conducts an inspection. After the full examination, a NOC is issued, and finally, an agreement is signed between the licensee and the electricity company, activating the net-metered solar system.

Benefits of Net Metering Solar System

Net Metering Pakistan, Now A Reality

If your solar system produces more electricity than you can use, you can revert it to the national grid and reduce your electricity bill. Gream Energy provides optimized support to its customers in net Metering and making their solar energy system more effective.