Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A Solar PPA is a long-term agreement on the solar plant with a performance guarantee without any capital expense. You are supposed to pay a solar bill only when the plant starts to produce electricity.

Benefits of a PPA?

Pakistan’s most trusted Solar PPA Company

Our diverse experience in the field of renewable energy and project development has given us the knowledge and skills to help customers understand PPA. As one of the trusted solar PPA companies in Pakistan, we can support you by signing Energy Purchase Agreement and get the solar system installed.

Here’s how it works

It can be difficult to get your own solar system when you don’t have enough capital. However, Gream Energy offers PPA model solar energy by which you can generate your own renewable energy without investing in the capital. 

We conduct initial energy analysis and identify the potential of your space to produce clean energy. We then present the right renewable energy solutions according to our analysis, after which we take our customers through the PPA agreement. Upon signing the solar lease,our team starts designing and building a customized solar system. Once it is installed, our team can start operating and maintaining the solar system as per performance targets. And at the end of the lease term, the solar system will be transferred under your name.

A Solar Purchase Agreement is your best shot at going solar

Performance Terms

Your buyer will be the one ensuring the solar system meets performance standards


The electricity rates can be decided for the next 25 years when the contract is being signed.

Work with an expert

By signing the energy purchase agreement, you can work with a company that knows ins and outs of the solar industry.

Gream Energy can be your trusted solar partner

As one of the most experienced solar PPA companies in Pakistan, Gream Energy can help you utilize your space to produce renewable energy and sell it at a decided price. We have an experienced team of solar experts who understand what goes behind a power purchase agreement. Through our experience and support, you can make the most out of a solar system and utilize renewable energy in a cost-effective manner.

Get Technical Support
Unable to understand how a solar PPA works? Gream Energy’s expert team can help you make sense of the entire process.
Sign PPA with ease
PPA can be a tough choice for many businesses. But at Gream Energy, you can get trusted services and resolve all your concerns.
Work with experienced professionals
At the center of our service is the talent we work with. Our professionals have been working in the industry since long and have helped various businesses turn solar.
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