Make your home smarter and greener with Residential Solar System

Does a high electricity bill every month make you angry? Are you unable to sleep because of load-shedding every night? Then, your home needs a residential solar system! Pakistan continues to face problems like price hikes and power outages. Traditional electricity grids also impact the environment negatively. However, with Gream Energy’s residential solar system, you can get rid of all these problems and produce your own energy.

Benefits Of Going Solar

Top-quality products in one place!

We have the best residential solar products in store from a variety of Tier-1 manufacturers. We are always hunting for innovative and cost-effective products to fulfill the needs of our wide-ranging customers.

Empower Your Energy Future with our Comprehensive On-Grid Solar System Packages!

Unleash Energy Independence with our Cutting-Edge Hybrid Solar System Packages!

Budget is never an Issue!

Pakistani households have a limited budget to use every month. So it might seem a little difficult at first to install your own solar system. However, contrary to popular beliefs, you can install a solar system in your home without emptying your wallet. Gream Energy provides easy solar financing and installation plans to households. We work one-on-one with our customers to provide customized solar solutions at affordable prices.

Residential Solar Installation, Now A Reality For Every Household.

Gream Energy provides the most cost-effective and innovative residential solar system in Pakistan, so you can produce affordable and clean energy every day. Every household has specific needs. Some require less electricity. Others with larger families have greater consumption of electricity. This is why we provide customized solutions to our customers. With a focus on quality and innovation, we have a wide range of solar energy systems available in several capacities and models.

Say goodbye to load-shedding
We provide the best residential solar system in Pakistan, ensuring every household stays lit regardless of the weather outside. Now you and your family can enjoy electricity throughout the day without worrying about load-shedding or electricity bills at the end of the month.
Install Now, Pay Later
Worrying about your budget? Pay only 20% upfront when buying a solar system at Gream Energy and pay the rest within three to five years in easy installments. Even budget can’t stop you from owning your own solar system.
Enjoy clean and safe energy non-stop
We can help you cut your dependence upon non-renewable sources of energy and harness the power of the sun. With solar power, you can build a safe and clean future for your children and family.
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