What is The Purpose of Solar Tube Well & Its Importance In Agriculture?

Agriculture has always been considered the backbone of our nation’s economy since 80% of people in Pakistan have a relationship with agriculture both directly & indirectly. Nowadays, times have changed as farmers find it more difficult to produce quality crops or fruits due to the energy crisis caused by extensive and regular load shedding in rural areas. Problems like these can make it hard for farmers to operate tube wells, so solar-powered solutions are making lives simpler.


Solar Tube Wells

Solar tube wells are a reliable way to irrigate crops & yields in time without any disruption caused by power outages. They are less dependent on the on-grid power supply, and farmers don’t have to worry about high electricity prices since solar-powered tube wells offer zero billing once installed. The tube wells powered by solar energy are considered a long-term cost-efficient solution that farmers can invest in at a reasonable cost. Gream Energy offers a state-of-the-art solar tube well facility that is reliable and performs excellently.


Electrical power isn’t the main energy source in Pakistan because there are different options like solar tubewell. The ones who are placing trust in this system have profited. Usually, farmers depend on the grid, which in return affects their fields. Load shedding has worsened over time, especially since the high cost of diesel has forced farmers to lose faith in their work. Usually diesel generator or peter engine contain dirty fuel which emits black smoke that can affect the environment’s health. Finding an alternative like water has also been an issue for farmers, which is why solar energy is recommended to help them receive positive returns.


The importance of solar tube well from a farmer’s perspective is that it provides timely irrigation rather than depending on power supply from the grid. It is considered a reliable source to provide a sufficient water supply to farmers. Solar tube wells can prove to be a game changer for all the farmers & the economy, especially if you look at the current energy crisis, high inflation, and irrigation issues. Not only will people get a low cost in electric bills but they will be able to increase a high yield of production.


The Benefit of Solar Tube Wells 

Solar-powered tube wells are an environment-friendly system that has benefits and can be quite useful for the agricultural industry. Here are some advantages:


  • Limits the use of fossil fuels or oil
  • Offers renewable clean energy each day, even during cloudy days
  • Returns your investment on your utility bills
  • It requires no maintenance as the panels last for over 30 years
  • It can be installed anywhere & easily
  • From the morning 8 or 9am until the afternoon around 4 or 5pm you will receive uninterrupted power
  • Electric connection is not required since it is off-grid
  • Batteries can be used to store energy for extra power
  • Safer than traditional electrical current
  • Solar financing, Federal grants, and tax incentives are provided


In short, getting a solar tube well can help get rid of load shedding, high electric bills, diesel generators & peter engine. It’s a onetime investment that can provide farmers at least 30 years of peace.


Solar Financing

Nowadays, the government and different companies are assisting the agricultural industry by financing farmers so they can acquire the best solar resources like tube wells. It is hard for farmers in the initial stage to bear such heavy costs, but Gream Energy offers the best financing scheme in which they only have to pay a 6% fixed markup. These loans can be paid in a 3 to 5-year time span, making it bearable for all farmers, or they can also pay the installments during six months allowing them to enjoy their advanced solar tube wells. Other than our solar financing solution, the farmers get to enjoy some of our perks such as zero percent maintenance cost & a 25-year warranty.