• Utility-Scale Solar

    Continuous, Reliable and Affordable Power Solution

  • Power Purchase Agreement

    Solar PPA agreement with performance guarantee without any capital expense.

  • Commercial & Industrial

    Providing turnkey solar solutions to all industry sectors in Pakistan

  • Solar Leasing & Financing

    Helping you to get solar products at low budgets.

  • Energy Storage Solutions

    Energy Storage Solution, so you can save surplus energy and use it at a later time.

  • Agriculture Solar Tubewell

    Solar water tubewell that keeps water running by using the power of the sun

    Bring your electricity bill to zero and even negative.

    Whether you are tired of power outages in the city or you want to reduce your electricity bills, the solar system is the answer to all your needs! Gream Energy is committed to making Pakistan a sustainable and energy-efficient country. Following this motive, we provide Solar Energy Systems for commercial and industrial uses. We support Pakistanis in making smart investments and achieving energy independence. Sun can be your greatest source of power, and Gream Energy is here to help you in embracing this power. As one of the most trusted solar companies in Karachi, we can be your partner in producing sustainable energy.

    No More LoadShedding

    Produce your own electricity using solar systems, get freedom from the conventional system, and say goodbye to load shedding. You will enjoy power all day, all night!

    Free Your Business

    Show your commitment to a sustainable future by installing solar panel and becoming more energy efficient. Your business will gain better recognition! Work with the best solar company in Pakistan and impress your stakeholders

    Make Pakistan Greener

    Reduce the impact on the environment and decrease your carbon footprint by producing solar energy. Together with our solutions, your efforts will go a long way in building a better future for Pakistan.

    Why Work With Gream Energy?

    If you want to make an investment in a solar project, it’s important to choose the right products from a reliable brand. And our commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation makes Gream Energy one of the most trusted Solar Companies in Pakistan. We are on a mission to make Pakistan a sustainable country where residents are conscious of their choices. This is why we offer some of the leading energy products, providing a service unlike anyone else! This classifies us as the best solar company in Pakistan.

    Our Offerings

    If you are tired of googling “Solar Company Near Me” without finding a trustworthy solar panel company in Pakistan, we can help! Gream Energy can be your partner in solar panel Installation. Contact us now.

    Utility-scale Solar

    Our solar company in Pakistan also offers utility-scale solar facilities to large-scale power and energy businesses. Using our innovative solar energy system, you can generate reliable electricity at a stable price and build a trustworthy customer base in the country.

    Commercial & Industrial

    Gain energy independence and make your business operations more effective by installing a solar system. We help businesses make careful investments and showcase their commitment to the environment, eventually increasing their profits by 10x. As a reliable solar company in Pakistan, Gream energy can also help your company improve its operations.

    Power Purchase Agreement

    Provide your property for installing an operating a solar panel and generate electricity for yourself and other stakeholders. Sign a Power Purchase Agreement today and move to solar power.

    Energy Storage Solutions

    Producing more solar energy than you can use? As one of the most reliable solar companies in Karachi, we provide innovative and high-quality energy storage solutions to both residents and businesses, so you can save extra solar energy for later use.

    Solar Leasing & Financing

    Get help with finances and own a solar energy system even if you are short on budget. Our leasing and financing solutions with budgeting advice make us one of the best solar companies in Pakistan.

    Agriculture Solar Tubewell

    Make your farm more energy-efficient and inexpensive with the help of agriculture solar tubewell. Our Solar Company in Sindh solves the problem of energy shortages that the farmers regularly face.


    Install a solar panel in your home to decrease your electricity and increase the value of your house. As a trusted solar installation company in Pakistan, we support residents in producing their own energy using solar power with end-to-end technical help.

    Join the Fastest Growing Solar Company in Pakistan

    As one of the most innovative solar companies in Pakistan, Gream Energy also recognizes the talent found in the country. We are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are ready to grow with us. If you are someone who is looking to work in a team with a long-term vision, then give us a call. You can sit over a cup of tea, work, and grow together with the best solar company in Pakistan!

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